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Special Transformations

These transformations apply when a query contains no operators from the query syntax (quotes, AND, OR, wildcards etc, see below).

Words with only capital letters (and special chars +-&) are executed as exact (case sensitive) raw data search (ABC = pass:[++]"ABC", A&B = pass:[++]"A&B").

Screen names (@name), hashtags (#hashtag), cashtags ($cashtag) as well as words containing a dash (-), a plus (+) or an ampersand (&) are executed as (case insensitive) raw data search (@username = +"@username" , p&t = +"p&t").

If a query contains multiple simple words (no special characters like (#@+-&), no operators and is not only capital letters, it is executed as a proximity search. The maximum number of jumps is set to (#words - 1) * 10 (cat dog mouse bird = "cat dog mouse bird"~30).

To prevent this behaviour use the explicit query syntax below. (instead of cat dog mouse use cat OR dog OR mouse, cat AND dog AND mouse or "cat dog mouse" to search for one of the words, all the words or the exact phrase.