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API restrictions

Export restrictions

Facebook & Instagram data

To respect Facebook platform terms and policies, content are not exportable via APIs or any automated mechanism.

Metrics on aggregated data can be exported via the histogram API.

Twitter data

Exported fields are limited to:

  • The tweet ID.
  • The author ID.
  • Sentiment score deducted by Talkwalker.

You need to use Twitter API to rehydrate the tweets and retrieve the details.


Twitter restricts the number of exported tweets to 1,5M docs per month and per account.

Online news content

Due to copyright policies, we are not allow to export the full content from:

  • Online news articles
  • TV Eyes documents.

The content is truncated, but matching keywords from the topic are highlighted (bold HTML tag) in the field content_snippet:

"title": "Elon Musk Says US Needs to Increase Oil and Gas Output",
"content": "Russian exports of oil and gas are plunging after Russia invaded Ukraine. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the US needs to step up its oil and gas output. Musk said sustainable energy solutions can't quickly offset Russia's expo...",
"title_snippet": "Elon Musk Says US Needs to Increase Oil and Gas Output",
"content_snippet": "...noted that while it would be bad for his <b>electric</b> <b>car</b> company, sustainable energy solutions aren&#39;t immediately available... \n\n&quot;Obviously, this would negatively affect <b>Tesla</b>, but sustainable energy solutions simply cannot react instantaneously to...",

Sources which are not exported

  • source_type: "MONITOREDSITE"
  • source_type: "SOCIALMEDIA_DISQUS"
  • Chinese sources e.g. WEIBO
  • Some Review sites, depending on agreements with data provider(subject to change).
  • Articles with restriction WEB_NLA
  • LinkedIn data cannot be exported.
  • Reddit data cannot be exported (Raw nor metric)

Import restrictions

You cannot import social media documents into Talkwalker.

API rate limits

  • Search API:
    • 240 calls/min outside a project (like quicksearch)
    • 60 calls/min inside a project
  • Histogram API:
    • 60 calls/min outside a project (like quicksearch)
    • 30 calls/min inside a project
  • Document import API : 120 calls/min