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Error Codes

HTTP codeStatus codeMessageDescription
2000OKDefault answer
5001Internal Server ErrorAn unexpected exception was encountered.
5002Search Execution ExceptionAn unexpected exception was encountered. Related to the search
4003Parameter MissingRequired parameters are missing. The missing parameters are provided in key 'params'.
4004Error in queryCould not parse query. The details can be found under 'details'.
4005Invalid parameter valueA parameter has an unacceptable value. The parameter is listed under 'param' and the details under 'details'.
4017Invalid, missing or inactive access tokenThe access token is either missing or the provided value is invalid.
4018Call limit exceeded for this endpointThe called endpoint has a limited call frequency, the values should be cached by the client.
4019No credits left.The account ran out of credits.
40310API application is inactiveThe API account is inactive. 'appId' gives the ID of that account.
40311No such application linkedThe provided ID is not linked in the API to any project or application.
40312Linked application inactive or deletedThe linked application is inactive or deleted.
40313Access denied: Insufficient access rights.The used access token does not have enough access rights. 'rights_req' will list the required access rights, 'rights_got' lists the access rights provided by that access token.
40415Wrong stream id. No such stream defined.A non existing stream was accessed.
40016Invalid operation on documentThe search document modification operation is not supported. 'reason' and 'details' will provide more information.
40017Could not parse jsonThe JSON that was passed via POST could not be properly interpreted (it was not in the expected format).
40018Invalid operation on streamModifying a stream failed. See 'reason' for details.
40319Number of rules to set exceeds maximum number of rulesExceeded the maximum allowed rules for this API account. 'number_max' is the limit, 'number_available' how many we can save and 'number_saving' the number we tried to save
40320Cannot create any more streamsExceeded maximum amount of streams ('number_max')
40321A stream with this name already existsThe stream 'stream_id' is already defined.
40322Number of sources to set exceeds maximum number of sourcesExceeded the maximum allowed sources (whitelist or blacklist) for this API account. 'number_max' is the limit, 'number_available' how many we can save and 'number_saving' the number we tried to save.
40323Stream has no rules definedException when trying to stream with a stream that has no rule defined.
40324Stream got disconnected because newer stream runningA new stream (same 'stream_id') is connected, so the old stream will be disconnected.
40325Stream got disconnectedThe stream was disconnected due to the given reason.
40426Endpoint or action not foundThe called endpoint was not found.
40327Connection is not secure, must use HTTPSAuthentication API endpoints need to be called using HTTPS.
40428User was not found in this applicationThis user ID does not exist or is not linked to this project.
40329Access to this project is forbiddenThis project can not be accessed with the given access_token.
42930Limit of maximum concurrent streams reachedToo many streams running in parallel for this account.
40431Could not find rule with idA rule with the given ID could not be found.
40432Could not find panel with idA panel with the given ID could not be found.
40333Panel is still referencedThis panel could not be deleted, it is still used in a stream.
505-HTTP Version Not SupportedThe Talkwalker Streaming API supports HTTP 1.1 or newer.
40034Url is malformedThe given URL for channel monitoring is malformed
40035Could not execute action in TalkwalkerError in connecting to a Talkwalker project
40336Access prohibitedAccess prohibited due to access restriction settings
40337Cannot create any more panelsThe maximum number of panels is reached
40438Cannot find a project with this idThe project with this ID could not be found or is not accessible
41339Request entity too largeRequest entity too large
40040Global search is disabled for this accountGlobal search is disabled for this account.
20049Some or all requests of this bulk request failedSome or all requests of this bulk request failed
413-Request entity too largeThe sent PUT or POST request is too large (maximum 5120kb)
503-Service Temporarily UnavailableThe Talkwalker servers are restarting due too an update