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Talkwalker Streaming API

In general, the results obtained through the Talkwalker Streaming API depend on three factors: the dataset, the connection and the rules. There are two datasets, which can be accessed:

  • Global data: Contains publicly available data
  • Project data: Consists of monitored and uploaded private data, which is unavailable outside of the project

The connection to the Streaming API can also be established in two ways:

  • Volatile: Data is only matched while the client is connected. Disconnection results in missing data.
    • Use case: Data is immediately consumed (e.g. a live dashboard)
  • Persisted: By setting up a collector instead of a direct connection, the results are buffered for 7 days. Data is available in real-time, and contrary to volatile data, it is possible for a client to disconnect and reconnect without losing any data. +
    • Use case: Handling a large amount of data and having a complete dataset. Generally recommended use case.

In the following sections, we will present 3 ways of accessing data:

  • Through stream: Volatile, global data
  • Through project: Volatile, project and global data
  • Through collector: Persisted, global data (and project data depending on setup)

A special use case of collectors is in accessing past data, which is presented separately in the final section.