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Talkwalker Image API

The Talkwalker Image API can be used to detect features or entities in images.

Images can be provided either as a URL or as a file-upload (a POST request containing multipart/form-data).

curl -XGET '<type>?access_token=<access_token>&image_url=<image_url>'

image_url is a URL-encoded URL (e.g.

type defines the mode of the detection, the options are logo, object, scene.


The image_url parameter can only be used with specific URLs. For example URLs that start with a specific prefix ( in the example). Please contact Talkwalker to have your account configured.

Example response
"status_code": "0",
"status_message": "OK",
"request": "GET /api/v2/detect/images/logo?access_token=<access-token>&",
"result_processing": {
"match": [
"top": 848,
"left": 678,
"right": 983,
"bottom": 1155,
"confidence": 0.9657765030860901,
"id": "starbucks"
"top": 880,
"left": 1520,
"right": 1826,
"bottom": 1209,
"confidence": 0.9366655349731445,
"id": "starbucks"
"top": 672,
"left": 239,
"right": 521,
"bottom": 916,
"confidence": 0.9254658222198486,
"id": "starbucks"
"height": 1365,
"width": 2048

By adding the parameter detect, one or multiple Talkwalker image IDs can be specified to restrict the detection to only these.

match contains the list of matched logos, each with their Talkwalker image ID and a confidence value from 0 to 1. If the selected type is logo, the position of the match is given by the top, left, right and bottom corners of the bounding box.


Additional logos, scenes and objects can be added on request.

Rate Limit

This endpoint is limited to 300 calls per minute.