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Access Token

Demo token

To try the Talkwalker API, you can use the access token demo (access_token=demo).

With this token you can try the Search API (results and histogram) and the Streaming API. The demo token allows only for one of the following pre-defined queries to be used: cats, dogs and cats AND dogs.

Accessing the Talkwalker API with this token will not return any social media results, only results from blogs, forums and news are returned.

This token can be used for testing only.

Your own Access Token

To use the Talkwalker API with the topics from your Talkwalker Project or to get results from social media you need to apply and get your own access tokens.

  • read_only access tokens are necessary for search.

  • read_write access tokens are necessary for search, updating and deleting documents in a project and for creating streams, deleting streams, setting panels and setting rules.


To get an access token please contact us.