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Credits / Pricing

Credit count

Credits correspond to the number of calls that were made plus the number of results that are exported using the API.

  • Search API – 1 credit / result + at least 10 Credits / API call
  • Stream API – 1 credit / result
  • Histogram API – 10 credits / call

Importing documents does not cost any credit.

Monthly Reset of Credits

The credits will be reset every month, on the day of the subscription at 03:00 UTC.


Monthly new results in Talkwalker projects are reset on the first of a new month at 0:00 UTC)

Remaining Credits Endpoint

The endpoint is used to get an overview of consumed credits and API calls.

"status_code": "0",
"status_message": "OK",
"request": "GET /api/v1/status/credits?access_token=demo",
"result_creditinfo": {
"used_credits_monthly": 0,
"used_credits_onetime": 0,
"remaining_credits_monthly": 0,
"remaining_credits_onetime": 0,
"next_billing_period": 1419634800000,
"estimate_credits_used_until_end_of_billing_period": 0,
"monthly_total": 0

Rate Limit

This endpoint is limited to 10 calls per minute, the result should be stored.