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Metric (Minimum / Maximum) Restrictions

metric_name:>n , metric_name:<n and metric_name:n return only documents which match a specific value or range of a metric.

The following table explains the possible metrics.

reachThe reach of an article/post represents the number of people who were reached by this article/post.reach:>100
engagementThe engagement of an article/post is the sum of actions made by others on that article/post.engagement:<1000
dailymotion_viewsNumber of views a Dailymotion video hasdailymotion_views:>10000
facebook_sharesNumber of Facebook share an article hasfacebook_shares:0
facebook_likesNumber of Facebook likes an article hasfacebook_likes:>0
twitter_retweetsNumber of Twitter retweets an article hastwitter_retweets:>1000
twitter_sharesNumber of Twitter share an article hastwitter_shares:0
twitter_followersNumber of Twitter followers a source hastwitter_followers:>1000
twitter_likesNumber of Twitter likes an article hastwitter_likes:>10
youtube_viewsNumber of YouTube views a video hasyoutube_views:>100000
youtube_likesNumber of YouTube likes a video hasyoutube_likes:>100
youtube_dislikesNumber of YouTube dislikes a video hasyoutube_dislikes:>0
print_run_circulationNumber of circulated copies of the sourceprint_run_circulation:>10
print_run_printNumber of printed copies of the sourceprint_run_print:>12
print_run_salesNumber of sold copies of the sourceprint_run_sales:>10000
alexa_pageviewsNumber of alexa page viewsalexa_page_views:>10000
alexa_unique_visitorsNumber of alexa unique visitorsalexa_unique_visitors:>1000
instagram_likesNumber of Instagram likes a post hasinstagram_likes:>0
instagram_followersNumber of Instagram followers a post hasinstagram_followers:>100
comment_countNumber of Comments an article hascomment_count:>0
publishedTimestamp of publication (epoch time in milliseconds)published:>1420731027000
searchindexedTimestamp of indexation in Talkwalker (epoch time in milliseconds)
Note: The metric searchindexed has a different name than the field search_indexed
sampleGet a random sample of the results (percent of the total number of results i.e. setting 25 will return one of four the documents) values:1-100sample:25
sample_millionSimilar to sample, with higher precision (i.e. setting 2000 will return one of 500 documents) values:1-1000000sample_million:2000
pornlevelPorn level of an article (0-100)pornlevel:<1
spamlevelSpam level of an article (0-100)spamlevel:<10
sentimentThe detected sentiment of the article (values -5 (negative) to 5 (positive)). sentiment:positive, sentiment:negative and sentiment:neutral map to the respective sentiment ranges of Talkwalkersentiment:>0
wordcountThe number of words in the contentwordcount:>10
ratingBased on review ratings. Please note that Talkwalker review ratings go to 10 in order to respect half-steps. A 5 star review on amazon equals a rating of 10.rating:>6