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Geographic Restrictions

Some documents have precise geographic data in form of GPS measured coordinates provided by the source.

For other documents this data is based on source metadata, with a certain precision level. These levels (ordered from lowest precision to highest) are: country, region and city (extracted data) and coordinates (exact data).

The coordinates for lower precision geographic data are equal to their capital.

Geographic restrictions exist for:

  • sourcegeo: location of the source of the articles (e.g. a page, a site, a publication).
  • authorgeo: general location of the author of the article.
  • articlegeo: location where the article was written.
sourcegeo, articlegeo, authorgeoRestricts the results to a geographic area defined either by coordinates (latitude,longitude) of the upper left and lower right corner or by a geo idsourcegeo:50.3,5.7;49.4,6.5 sourcegeo:berlin_de
sourcegeo_resolution, articlegeo_resolution, authorgeo_resolutionRestricts to documents that have a minimum precision level of location data. Possible levels are coordinates, city, region and country. default: all documentssourcegeo_resolution:coordinates
sourcegeo_accuracy, articlegeo_accuracy, authorgeo_accuracyRestricts to documents that have a specific geo detection accuracy. Options are exact, high, medium or lowsourcegeo_accuracy:low


Search for documents that are in a box that roughly corresponds to Luxembourg and have exact coordinates.

Luxembourg's north end is at around 50.3°, south is at 49.4°, west at 5.7° and east at 6.5°, the upper left corner is 50.3,5.7 the lower right corner is 49.4,6.5.

The final query is:

sourcegeo:50.3,5.7;49.4,6.5 AND sourcegeo_resolution:coordinates