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Twitter exclusive fields


Unlike other result types, some parameters are not filled (url, title, ...) for Twitter results since they do not allow to export their data.

Instead, fields with "source_type": ["SOCIALMEDIA", "SOCIALMEDIA_TWITTER"] include three special fields unique to Twitter results.

field_namedatatypeaccepted dataformatrequiredwritableExample
external_providerstring-nono"external_provider": "twitter"
external_idstring-nono"external_id": "1075708479447412736"
external_author_idstring-nono"external_author_id": "2714573408"
"matched_profile": [],
"indexed": 1622576620359,
"search_indexed": 1622576629341,
"lang": "en",
"fluency_level": 80,
"sentiment": 0,
"post_type": ["TEXT"],
"external_provider": "twitter",
"external_id": "<twitter id>",
"external_author_id": "<twitter author id>"