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Field Information


Talkwalker provides result snippets for all content. In all cases, the content field only contains the first words of the document, in addition, we provide the part of the document which matches the query in the content_snippet field. In the Streaming API a snippet is provided for every matching rule.


To filter on specific websites in a query, the fields domain_url and host_url can be used. host_url is used for specific hosts like or, while domain_url would filter on all host in a specific domain (i.e. would return all results of the domain also those from while would return only results from not from


Talkwalker uses natural language processing (NLP) to compute a general sentiment for the documents in our index. The accuracy of automatic detection is limited by irony, sarcasm and misspellings in the documents.


The reach of an article/post represents the number of people who were reached by this article/post.

Note that the views only get set to a proper value if the host of the URL is either a domain (like or if it is a domain with a well-known 3rd-level-subdomain in front (mainly applies to www, e.g.

Reach is set to 0 for other hosts, i.e. hosts with other 3rd-level-subdomains, like on, as using the Alexa views of the domain would assign much too high reach to mere sub-hosts otherwise. For imported documents reach can be set via the Talkwalker API.

Reach is calculated in the following ways:

  • Blogs; News Sites; Forums: Number of Page Views
  • Facebook: The Number of Fans of the Page (Note: Only available for public pages, which are monitored by Talkwalker, we don't collect any fan counts for user profiles)
  • Twitter: The number of followers of the author