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Talkwalker Search API and Talkwalker Projects<project_id>/results?access_token=<access_token>

How it works

Talkwalker users can use the topics defined in their project with the Talkwalker API. Topics can be used with the Search Results API by setting the parameter topic to one or more topic-IDs. This allows Talkwalker users to use the queries from their projects and to retrieve the documents they get in their Talkwalker project including changes and tags that were done in Talkwalker. In addition to the 30 days of search, the full history of Talkwalker projects is available in the search API, when used in combination with a Talkwalker project.

Talkwalker users can also retrieve the datasets defined in their Customer Intelligence project (also called VoC project) using the parameter dataset. A dataset is a set of documents disjoined from topic or channel documents, and have been imported following a customized data format. Datasets older than 7 days can no longer be queried.


Same as Search API parameters with additional parameters topic, filter, channel, panel and dataset:

parameterdescriptionrequired?default value
access_tokenAPI access tokenrequired
qThe query to search forrequired
offsetNumber of results to skip (for paging)optionaldefault: 0 / maximum: see below this table
hppNumber of hits per page (for paging)optionaldefault: 10 / maximum: 500
sort_byCriteria for sorting the results.optionaldefault: engagement
sort_orderSorting order (ascending or descending)optionaldefault: desc
hlTurns highlighting on or offoptionaldefault: true
prettyFormatted json for testingoptionalfalse
time_rangeTime range filter in the format number + a time unit character (e.g. 30d for 30 days.)optional
topicOne or more topics that are defined in the Talkwalker projectoptional, multiple
filterOne or more filters that are defined in the Talkwalker projectoptional, multiple
channelOne or more channels that are defined in the Talkwalker projectoptional, multiple
panelOne or more source panels that are defined in the Talkwalker projectoptional, multiple
datasetOne or more datasets that are defined in the Talkwalker Customer Intelligence projectoptional, multiple

The maximum offset value is influenced by the hits per page. hpp + offset can't be greater than 10.000.

Possible values for time_range as time unit characters are: s for seconds, m for minutes, h for hours, d for days, w for weeks and M for months.


1 credit per returned result, minimum 10 credits per Search Result API call.

Rate Limit

Project based search is limited to 60 calls per minute.

Limit the results by topic

In order to only include results that match either topic_a or topic_b when calling the search endpoint, we can add these topics as parameters.


Get a list of all projects linked to an API application

Use the private access_token from your API application on the \ endpoint to get the list of all linked projects.

More on Talkwalker Resources API to retrieve the resources configured in a project.

curl '<access_token>'

Parameters to list all projects

parameterdescriptionrequired?default value
access_tokena read/write token specified in the API applicationrequired


No credits for project list, resources list.

Rate Limit

This endpoint is limited to 10 calls per minute, the result should be stored.