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Field mapping between the structure and the UI

Overview of the result in the UI

This section will describe where these fields will be displayed in the UI.

Note: A full list of fields usable by the API is available here: Talkwalker fields

upload mapping for reviews

Fields for reviews

Fields used for the review
urlURL of the review. Should be unique as it’s the primary key in our DB.
parent_urlShould be the top level of conversation. If the review is the 1st item of conversation, The value should be the same as the URL.
Note: If not set, the threaded view will not work.
titleTitle of the review.
ratingScore between 0 and 10 (10 represents the 5 stars).
source_typeMedia type code.
Possible codes: source-type-options.
If not set, default value is OTHER.
extra_source_attributesInformation about the server where the review was posted. Generally, the name and the location are expected.
If not set, it will be deducted from the review URL.
Details: extra-source-attributes-object
extra_author_attributesInformation about the author. Generally, the name is expected
Details: extra-author-attributes-object
label (object array)Can be considered as a tag for categorisation.
Type is the name of the tag.
Id is the value of the tag which will be displayed.
custom.xxxValues for the Custom fields defined in your dataset.