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Field mapping between the structure and the UI

This section will describe where these fields will be displayed in the UI.


A full list of fields usable by the API is available here


For the main elements about an article/document:

Article mapping

  • Red arrows represent the mandatory fields.
  • Green arrows represent the score or metrics fields.
  • Blue arrows represent what ca be personalized or automatically deducted.

Additional metrics

The content of the object extended_article_attributes represent additional metrics on the document:

Article extended attributes mapping

Site from where article were uploaded

2 objects can be used for the source:

  • extra_source_attributes which contains the fields generally used.
  • extended_source_attributes which contains the metrics relevant for the source. These metrics will be displayed in the same area as the article metrics.

Source mapping


The content of the object extended_author_attributes represent the author and will affect also the section influencers in the UI:

Author mapping

  • Red arrows represent the fields generally used.
  • Blue arrow represents the link to tha author's profile.

In the result widget, the little picture on the left will display 1st the author’s image. If it's not present, then it will be the source's image.