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Search on a tag by API

Retrieve existing tags and IDs to query

As in the Talkwalker platform, it is possible to filter documents in SEARCH API by tags with the keyword tag:

Search by tag in UI


By API, we query with tag ID, not the label.


Tags are applied on project data, not on global data.

You can use the following endpoint to retrieve the tags created on your project:

curl -X GET '<project_id>/tags?access_token=<access_token>'

In our sample, we want to query documents on the tag "Pascal":

get tags IDs - API result

Retrieve documents based on tags

The search on a specific customer tag will work only on project data. You can add in the query parameter the following keyword: tag:<tag_id>

curl -X GET '<project_id>/results?access_token=<access_token>&q=tag:<tag_id>'

If we keep our sample for the tag "Pascal", we can use the following query:

Search by tag - API result